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We understand that every customer has a need for technologies and services that are different from one another. Some customers want different and unique app features as an added value for the sale of their products; others want a system that is useful for managing their production. Some others want applications only to introduce their products to consumers. Therefore, we came up with the idea to provide customized software and application development services; together with services in the field of digital marketing; to satisfy their needs.

Template App

Template App is a mobile app for Android and iOs that have fixed features. The functions and capabilities of the application have been set by the factory and cannot be changed. We divide the Template App into 3 categories, each of which features:

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School App

School App acts as an information center and communication media between parents and institutions. It is designed to be able to support the sending of information using various types of content, such as articles, images, sounds, and videos; thus making it more attractive to users. On the communication side, the School App provides space for users to discuss and ask questions about activities related to school matters. This will then help users, especially parents, to get information about almost anything more quickly and easily without having to come to school or call at all.

Custom App

If you need an application with certain abilities, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Corporate App

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile app development by our experienced and professional experts.

School & Education App

We have the expertise to develop a mobile application that helps educational institutions to convey information to and build communication with parents, as well as conduct learning activities for students.

Inventory App

We also have knowledge in developing mobile applications that function to manage stock taking, monitor the remaining inventory, and control goods in and out so that they are recorded in detail.

Sales App

We can develop cellular applications that can assist agents in carrying out sales activities, such as recording customer orders, tracking old customers, inputting new customer databases, etc.

Online Transportation App

As one of the most innovative ideas today, online transportation services are in great demand by businesses. Good news! We have deep knowledge in developing and creating systems needed by an online transportation application. If you need it, we will make it!

Service Provider App

If you are a group of people who repair equipment (machines), such as air conditioner, TV; or work as service providers, such as car repair shops, doctors; and any other services; you will really need this app to get consumers online.

Tracking App

Mobile application that is useful for tracking activities or people. This tracking feature helps you to track where your sales agent is, or where your shipment / order is located.

E-commerce App

An online sales app (online store) that has been integrated with the backend system. This application features in-app purchases, shipping of goods, inventory, etc.

Custom App

Mobile apps made based on your request.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Support companies in implementing digital marketing practices through generating ideas and creating the necessary media.

Digital Branding

We provide advice, concepts, and strategies needed by the company to build a strong brand image through content marketing. In addition, we also offer partnership opportunities–in the context of business development–to market their products and services through digital media to gain profits.

Website & Apps Development

We understand that from all existing digital platform, website and apps are must-have for companies—especially if they want to be engaged in an online-based business. Therefore, we provide said platforms to support companies’ digital marketing efforts—ensuring that they are well-prepared to compete, and equipped with appropriate marketing tools.

Digital Ads Management

Create and promote ads through digital media.

Google Ads

Nearly all kinds of businesses have already implemented the use of Google for their advertising activities to get leads for their website, which in turn will convert into sales. And we have the resource to do exactly that.

Location Based Ads

We can help you target consumers based on their current location. This will be very useful if you want to introduce your brand to a large number of audiences.

Social Media Ads

Simply the best tool to promote your brand online. A well-managed social media can introduce your brand to your audiences effectively, and deliver message to your customers efficiently.

Social Media Management

Attract visitors, build customer engagement, and create word-of-mouth to a particular brand.


Manage posts according to predetermined schedules, materials, and themes on Facebook, as well as boosting and making detailed reports on activities undertaken.


Manage posts according to predetermined schedules, materials, and themes on Instagram, as well as promoting and making detailed reports on activities undertaken.

Content Creator

Create content that matches the company’s promotional needs.


Create content in the form of writing and blogs according to the theme that the company wants.


Create content in the form of images, gifs, and animations, including taking photos that are needed as content.


Create content in the form of video or animated video that is attractive for the customers.
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